Clueless at dating

(Doofenshmirtz has become so used to this foiling that he tends to feel empty or upset on the few occasions where Perry does not stand in his way.) Dr.Doofenshmirtz seems to quite enjoy musical numbers, and has performed songs about "impressing his professor" and how he hates his brother among other subjects.Bill will insist that they can have a weeklong adventure.He’ll want it to be just the two of them for a while.Steffy will suggest that Bill’s mistaken if he thinks she’d ever leave Liam (Scott Clifton) for his father.She’ll point out that she renewed her vows with Liam last night.Wyatt won’t think Liam can just bury his head in the sand and pretend it didn’t happen. The topic of Bill and Liam’s feud will also come up.

He’ll argue that Steffy needs to accept how she really feels. He’ll feel like this trip is the beginning of a new life together.

He attempts to wreak generally "evil" havoc and assert his rule across the entire Tri-State Area.

Despite true dedication to this mission, almost all of his plans have been thwarted by his nemesis Perry the Platypus, though a few turn out to be successful in nature.

Other Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Liam will open up to Wyatt (Darin Brooks).

He’ll fill his brother in on the vow renewal and contend that he’s going to make changes.

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